Discovering Napflio

La doar 10 minute de noi se afla Napfli0. Pe cat de frumos, pe atat de aglomerat si asaltat de turisti, dar pana la urma si noi faceam acelasi lucru, il sufocam. Strazile centrale pareau prea inguste pentru a gazdui toti oamenii ce se plimbau si vorbeau zgomotos in diferite limbi, tavernele asezate una langa alta, incat formau un lant interminabil de mese pline cu souvlaki, sardine, sau branza feta si tot felul de buticuri – produse din lemn de maslin, mirodenii, margele komboloi, sandale handmade de piele, vederi si magneti, bijuterii vintage, sau aduse din diferite colturi ale lumii la preturi supraestimate, ce mai, preturi de turisti. Si oricat de mult m-as putea pierde intr-un altfel de magazin, cercei care pe ii gasesc la 30-40 de lei, acolo erau 30 de euro, asa ca m-am multumit cu cateva perechi gasite anterior in Athena.

Nici o grija pe lume, un centru civic interminabil care culmina cu un set zdravan de scari ce te purtau la usa unei vechi fortarete, de unde se intindea orasul, de la port si pana la periferie, cu ale lui strazi sufocate, care sub lumina calda a apusului, acum pareau linistite si pustii.

Am purtat o rochie de catifea roz pal si o camasa alba cu maneci supradimensionate de la si nelipsitii saboti BonPrix pe care efectiv i-am uzat concediul acesta.

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Only ten minutes away from us lies Napflio. Such a beautiful city, yet crowded and suffocated by tourists, but we were doing that exact same thing, suffocating it. The central streets were too narrow to house all the people walking by, talking loudly in different languages, the crowded taverns that formed an infinite chain of tables filled with souvlaki, sardines or feta cheese, and all sort of boutiques – olive wood products, spices, komboloi beads, handmade leather sandals, postcards and a few vintage shops with overpriced jewelry. I’m not used to these tourist prices, here in Romania you can basically buy similar earrings or brooches for about 10 euros, but there, the prices varied from 30 euros to as high as 900 euros, so I settled with a few pairs of earrings I’d previously found in Athens.

Not a care in the world, an endless civic center that culminated with a long set of stairs that lead you to the top of the city, at an old fortress door, from where the city stretched, from the harbor to the outskirts. Under the tender light of the sunset, even the crowded streets now seemed empty and quiet.

That day I wore a crushed velvet cami dress over a white, oversized sleeve shirt from and the usual black loafers, that I basically wore down this holiday.

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