Easter on the Beach

Salutari si toata dragostea din TOLO!

 Sper ca ati avut parte de Sarbatori linistite si luminoase, alaturi de cei dragi. Noi ne-am petrecut noapte de Paste plimbandu-ne pe stradutele inguste din Tolo, iar ziua pe cel mai fin nisip pe care am pasit vreodata, sub soarele prea torid pentru jumatea lui Aprilie. Ma simt norocoasa stiind ca acasa sunt undeva la 10 grade, iar eu stau intinsa la plaja, citind Elle Grecia (ok, nu citind, in mare uitandu-ma pe poze, caci alfabetul grecesc imi provoaca ameteli), cu un frappe rece.

Insa pana vine cu adevarat vara, m-am ales cu un bronz aramiu, o buna dispozitie extraordinara si baterii incarcate la maxim.

Greetings and all the love from TOLO!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, next to your dear ones. We spent Easter Night walking the narrow streets of Tolo and Easter Day on the most fine sand I’ve ever stepped on, under an unusual torrid sun for April. I feel so lucky knowing that back home is as cold as 10 degrees C, and here I am laying on the beach, reading Elle Greece (ok, not reading, mainly looking at photos, that Greek alphabet though) sipping frappes and taking photos under the palm trees.

Till the real Summer comes, I’ve got an excellent brown tan, an overall terrific mood and my batteries charged to max.


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