First news from Greece

Suntem in Grecia, insa cel mai probabil ati vazut deja pe Insta Stories! Nu prea am avut timp si net sa postez toate pozele pe care le-am facut in Athena sau Salonic, insa am sa recuperez zilele astea.

Acum ne aflam in Tolo, Argolis, undeva in Peninsula Peloponeza. Stau pe balcon in pijamale si privesc marea o data la cateva cuvinte, iar de sub balconul nostru miroase puternic a cafea si omleta. Imi este greu sa dcscriu tot ce vad si simt intr-un timp atat de scurt, insa voi incerca sa postez cat mai des. 

Am purtat o rochie maxi, florala, de la WOMANFASHION.RO in prima zi aici si am facut si primele poze de street style sub palmieri. Sunt atatea locuri antice de vizitat si atatea lucruri de facut, insa astazi voi incepe cu o cafea si o plimbare pe plaja.

We’re in Greece! But you’ve probably seen the snaps on IG stories already. I didn’t have time, nor internet to post till now, not only here, but also on IG or FB, but I can’t wait to show you pictures from Salonic and Athens too.

Right now we are in the Peloponnesian Peninsula, in the city of Tolo, in Argolis. I’m on the balcony in my pijs, watching the sea and smelling the coffee from the breakfast downstairs. Words can’t even begin to describe all the feeling and the views we’re seeing, but I’ll post as soon as possible. 

Wore a maxi, floral dress from yesterday while visiting the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and then took some street style photos afterwards. There are so many ancient places to visit and so many things to do, but I think I’ll start today with a coffee and a walk on the beach!



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