Good Morning from My Big, White, Chunky Desk


Gooood morning from my big, white, chunky desk!

The first question that comes to my mind, while sitting at my big, white, chunky desk (exhibit A and B above) and eating a fruit salad from an ugly, plastic bowl, is HOW THE HECK DID I SURVIVE WITHOUT A DESK? And let’s be clear, the ugly bowl is not here to stay, oh no, I only keep the neatest things on my desk. The last time I had a desk in my home was about 2 years ago and it pretty much sucked. This one is BIG, WHITE and MINIMALIST. Plus, I bullied my boyfriend and best friend into buying it with some other home deco for my birthday, so it also has some emotional value. They say it’s not a real present. Meh, little did they know I was going to be stuck to it ever since it came (seriously, it’s becoming a problem). Oh and I didn’t even put pictures on the walls  or find a faux fur blanket for my chair yet.

Why is this office such a big deal to me:

1. I’ve had it with working in bed/on the floor/in the car.

2. I can finally sit straight on my chair and not twist my body like a freaking cobra while working on the laptop.

3. I actually enjoy sitting for hours at the laptop, editing, writing, or browsing.

4. it  makes me feel more business-ish; and if you’re feeling it, it’s gonna happen.’s my own little Universe. it inspires me – the fresh flowers to my left, the empty cup of coffee from morning, the sticky notes on my agenda, even the ugly, plastic bowl, it’s all me.

How important is your working space to you? Or am I the only one trippin’ over my desk?




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