Those Killer Shoes You Have to Own





The right shoes at the right moment. That’s how these Epica strappy, golden sandals seem for
me. I found them in the newly opened Tezyo store in Shopping City Timisoara and I’ve worn them a couple of times, but I never did  with evening gown, au contraire, I’ve worn these bad boys with the most common outfits. Cause this is the kind of shoe that applies to the saying ‘ just wear pretty shoes’, no matter what you wear, even a paper bag.

See, I took them out on a regular, rainy, weekday afternoon, to check the colorful umbrellas they put up. 

What I’ve been up to lately:
-did my hair silver toned
-shot a video for our brand ADM House with Alexandra and Cluj based photographers Madalina and Adriana.
-recieved a Splat toothpaste kit, which I love and will review on blog soon
-just exfoliated my skin to try out the Vita Liberata self tanning mousse; review also to come soon on blog
-finished the shop window and finally rearranged the marchandise
-prepped the pool and bar from our tourist resort for opening; rainy as fuck 

video credit: Madalina Gaceanu

Heading to the vote now, as today are local elections!





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