How to Live and Survive a Busy Life

sf01 sf3 sf4 sf5Since it’s Monday, this may come in handy for those of you who are drowned in work or on the contrary, lack some working motivation. Don’t take it as a tips & tricks thing. Neither as a guide. It’s just my daily experience and observation, as I’m safe to say I live a very busy life, which includes a full time job at the family bussiness, another full time job at the shop (I founded a local shop alongside my best friend a couple of months ago, which we want to turn into a major brand), a half time job administrating some facebook pages and some bits and crumbles left for my blog. It’s sad I have to leave it on the last place, but everything I do is so professional rewarding, that I never had the chance to get this feeling with the blog. Nevertheless is shall always be my most pleasurable passion. So here it is, a list on now to live a busy life and survive it:

  1. Wake up early, go to bed late! This is the time where you realize this is not a very healthy list, but it sure gets the job done. Who can work with only 24 hours in a day? Jeez, that’s just egoistic.
  2. Make tons of lists! No, they won’t get the job done, but you’ll never forget the ton of work you have to do for that day.
  3. Visualize that outfit! I never understood people who planned their outfits the night before. What if you plan a pastel outfit with a short skirt and you end up in the morning all cranky and with swollen feet?  I don’t suggest deciding upon the outfit on spot, but there is plenty of time to visualize it while brushing the teeth or performing your daily morning routine.
  4. Gather all the things you require in a pile! While I don’t advocate for planning the outfit, I do believe that planning your papers, laptop, chargers, perfume, keys, screwdrivers(?), agendas and all the stuff you need on a daily base. In the morning, I just stuff everything in a bag.
  5. Snacks and vitamins! As much as I love coffee, a healthy snack, vitamins and some water will always do the trick when feeling fatigue.
  6. Schedule posts! If you find yourself managing or posting on a page or a blog, the schedule post button is the best. Just plan ahead 6-7 posts, write them, attach photos and schedule them. You’ll have a few days to prepare future posts or photos.
  7. Never rest! I told you this is not very a very healthy list. If you find yourself in a restaurant waiting for your food, get that laptop out and do some work. If you find yourself in a queue at the post office or bank, get that agenda out and start planning. You get it, don’t you?
  8. Always have a partner you can fully trust! I am lucky enough to have great, professional people around me, from my partner and best friend, to my boyfriend and family, these are people I know for sure I can rely on if I fail to do a task or fall behind, or have doubts.
  9. Get involved in everything! The electrician is changing some wires? Get in there. Your graphician is falling behind on some work, get involved. If you’re not giving your most interest, why should some stranger do?
  10. Never divulge your professional secrets! Especially to people who ask. Your words may end up being used against you.
  11. If you’re working on the laptop, shut down the internet (if you don’t need it of course)! There are countless situations where I found myself browsing through shoes instead of doing my work. The idea is to remove all the distractions around you while working. That includes phone, chocolate and the lips of your lover.
  12. Get your make up done at the office or in the car! I am extremely lucky to live close to where I work, so most of the times I just get up, change the pajamas and head out. I always do my make up at the office and it saves me at least half an hour in the morning, time that I’d rather spend sleeping.
  13. Have fun and love what you do! Of course I’ve left the best for the last. If you don’t love what you do, you’ll never make it. And if you don’t laugh and have fun while doing it, then you’ve never loved it to begin with.




  1. Serios? Ce treaba mai ai si tu ca toata ziua stai sa faci poze. Du te sa lucrezi serios undeva,sa stai 10,12 ore la birou si mai vorbim de timp liber apoi. Lame ass blogger


    1. Draga mea, lucrez 8 ore la birou, 4 ore la magazinul personal si restul orelor sunt online mereu, pentru ca administrez trei pagini de facebook (fara cea a blogului) si incerc sa tin pasul si cu blogging-ul. Si asta intr-o singura zi. Sa nu mai vorbesc ca din 15 iunie intru la program de 10 ore la job-ul principal si inca imi ramane magazinul meu, facebook-urile si blogging-ul. Asa ca inainte sa scuipi cu venin te rog get a grip si nu mai lasa frustrarile sa iti dicteze vorbele si gesturile. Sunt printre singurele din blogosfera asta, care pe langa blog si reusesc inca sa il tin, am doua joburi cu norma intreaga si inca unul part time, nu ai supravietui in papucii mei (always pe tocuri) nici o zi.
      Signed: the kick ass blogger!


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