1 Day 2 Outfits

{"total_effects_time":83793,"total_draw_time":0,"total_effects_actions":2,"uid":"90A52C05-F3DC-4F12-BE15-33754E4CC275_1463314724840","tools_used":{"crop":0,"perspective":0,"shape_crop":0,"stretch":0,"free_crop":0,"resize":0,"adjust":0,"clone":0,"selection":0,"flip_rotate":0,"tilt_shift":0,"enhance":0,"curves":0,"motion":0},"layers_used":0,"effects_tried":2,"brushes_used":0,"photos_added":0,"effects_applied":2,"total_draw_actions":0,"height":2364,"total_editor_time":88478,"width":1773,"origin":"gallery","total_editor_actions":{"text":0,"shape_mask":0,"border":0,"square_fit":0,"lensflare":0,"clipart":0,"frame":0,"callout":0,"mask":0}}Steve Madden bag, Bershka top, H&M blazer, vintage skirt & belt, Bocage oxfords
IMG_7838 IMG_7840Bershka top, Mango jacket & trousers, H&M sandals, Polaroid sunnies

Let me start by saying sorry for abusing your sights with phone pictures, but damn my life is hectic! Sunday was quite a good day, in spite of the rain, we took the Castle road in the morning to visit the European Castles Fair event, where I chose to wear an all white outfit (note the rain part). In the afternoon we went out to grab a bite and an ice cream so I changed my ‘babette’ outfit to a more rocker-chic one. 

However,  Monday was not a good day, so I decided to skip it as much as I could, which only resulted in too many tasks to follow and too little time, Oh Mondays..I won’t skip you again, just be kinder, please!




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