The Tezyo style workshop

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photo credit: and Shopping City Timisoara

So two days ago we went to Timisoara to attend the Tezyo workshop with Ana Morodan, as I was saying in the previous post. Tezyo is a new concept by Otter Distribution, which opened their first store in Timisoara, in the newly built Timisoara Shopping City, but we’ll talk more about their awesome shop in a later post.  Morodan is a pioneer of blogging in Romania and has the most powerful personal blog out here, to my mind. She is also a very successful online entrepreneur and a modern countess that proves everyday that blogging is more than pretty pictures and gifts from brands. Anyway, I could probably write a book about her, as I am following her work since the beginning (Morodan if you somehow read this, just know that you are one of the few women that had an influence in my life).

The workshop was more than just a style workshop! It was a life lesson and at some point it was sort of a stand up comedy performance. I swear, this women can make fun of herself while still managing to look untouchable. Tezyo broadcast  more than half of it on facebook –“> here – and I filmed the end on my personal profile –“>here -. I advise you to watch and listen, cause talking about it wouldn’t be even half the fun you’ll have watching it. So thank you Shopping City Timisoara (for the cool gadgets) and thank you Tezyo for giving me the opportunity to meet one of my local heroes. And she is way better in reality!



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