Peonies, drama and some random look




Hello people, long time no hear or see! Please bare with me on this journey of self discovery, as I took the role of entrepreneurship, to build up a business with my best friend. Yet the blog shall never be forgotten.

Ok, I’ll cut the drama already! Maybe I’m under the Morodan spell, as yesterday evening I attended the Tezyo workshop held by madame Ana. Oh and talk about yesterday, we left from Hunedoara at about 3.30 pm, managed to get just in time at Timisoara Shopping City for the event at around 6.20, left Timisoara in a great rush at about 10 pm and had the longest journey home as everything went wrong, from our car, which decided to sabotage us, to the infernal traffic (WTF, we were stuck for at least an hour in the middle of the night, on a national rode, in a neverending car jam) that made us arrive home at about 1 am, deadbeat. Fast forward 24 hours later and here I am, at my desk, writing after quite a blogging break.

Anyway, having the daily two and a half jobs to check, a hubby to love, friends to entertain, some laundry and two very black under eye circles, today I felt the need to wear a pajama like blouse and the slouchiest jeans ever. Got some peonies and somehow managed to stay sane so yes, life is hard, but life is beautiful and I wouldn’t want to live it in any other way!



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