The Velvet Sofa – Part II

So here’s Part II of that shooting I was telling you about with my artist and photographer friend Madalina! You can find Part I HERE and let me tell you, I probably saved the best for the last, cause Part III is coming soon. Had quite a few rough days (well the weekend was fine but today is a hardcore bitch) so it’s nice having some quiet time on the blog. I’ll  leave you with the photos cause I’m a little Grinch today and wouldn’t want to spoil your mood. 

PS: boyfriend says I spit acid sometimes so that’s gotta mean that I’m too stressed and need a break cause this little bundle of sweetness certainly isn’t made of acid.


You can find more of Madalina’s photography on her BLOG (which is an awesome photo diary) or her FACEBOOK PAGE.

Have a good one,



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