Manly. Urban. Sport. No, I have not lost my mind.


This may seem like a planned outfit, but I dressed in under 2 minutes. Thoughts while getting dressed (yes, my brain can actually think all these stuff in under 2 minutes): know when you skipped washing your hair and a ponytail can’t save you? BOOM, the hat is hiding a very unwashed hair, but it gives the outfit that manly vibe, right? Don’t worry, I took care of the hair.

2.them sneakers are my gateway when feet hurt or I’m up to a very busy, on the go day.

3.the blazer was suppose to keep me warm while looking chic. Note that SUPPOSE part.

4.actually, the sweater was just laying on the side of the bed so I grabbed it.

5.I swear those pants make my butt look amazing so yeah, needed some sexiness.

Au revoir from le blonde planet! (I had to wait for 2 years to get my highlights back to say that line.)


PU leather pants & sweater H&M| blazer & trainers MANGO | bag CALL IT SPRING | hat C&A





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