What’s Going On?

We did it! This past month I’ve been a little absent here, but I’m back and I’ve got so many beautiful things to share. It all started with a dream, an idea that crossed our minds a year ago, but never really did something about it. Until a month ago when she said ‘let’s do it’ and I said ‘ok’! Three weeks later and we were standing in front of the door, welcoming guests for the opening of our shop. We took one month and ended it with the opening of a little concept store, a first tiny step into conquering the world, or at least trying to make it a better one. Needless to say that we hadn’t properly slept or ate for two weeks, that I didn’t brush my curls the day of the opening because we still had so many clothes to tag and arrange before the guests would come, or that two days before the event, half the store had collapsed and we were facing holes in a wall.

It didn’t matter anymore, we had made it! Me and her, with the help of our boys and families, our close friends that believed in my ideas and her skills. It’s called ADM House Concept Store and the story shan’t end here, just wait for it..

You can check out the whole album here!

photo credit: @Coposesc

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