It’s All Work and Fun

Morning birdies! Early birdies that is, I hope. Apparently studies say the earlier you arise, the more productive your day will be. That of course implies going to bed early, before midnight, which is not my case and who the heck goes to bed at 10 pm? If I am lucky, I’ll get home at about 10, so the sleeping with the chickens part is out of the question.

Remember last post when I had that shooting, it turns out blogging can open up more than one door. Being in the online environment for a while now, having formed this personal aesthetics and being in love with photography, I took up some social media promoting gig with a friend. Anyway, here’s me in between shooting some food and mood for a local restaurant. The hair went wild that day!


shirt S.Oliver | jeggings H&M | boots MANGO

photo credit: @Coposesc

location: Roma Hunedoara



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