Idle February

February has barely begun and my facebook timeline is flooded with words like love and Valentine and hearts and gifts. Not to mention that my inbox is filled with Valentine’s day promotions, gift ideas, what to wear, what to do, who to date. Yes, I do believe in love and I do have a boyfriend (for almost 8 years actually) and no, I don’t specifically hate the most cheesy, borrowed Holiday ever. But I do hate how corporations and brands take advantage of it for selling their stuff, promoting once again mass consumerism and stuffing little hearts down our throats. 

Anyway, I still got 9 more days till the madness stops so bare with me. February is not only the love month, but also one of the most depressing month, or was it January? Well January was fine, but I feel I need a little boost to get through February in one piece. So, my ultimate top 5(ish) to take that frown off:

1.Buy something nice – and something nice doesn’t mean expensive, I’m not trying to make you go bankrupt here. Plus, I just said I don’t approve of mass consumerism. Being such a vintage maniac lately, I tend to spend my shopping time in thrift store rather than malls, so the other days I found this velvet little gem for freaking 7 lei, that’s like under 2 euros. Also buy flowers and plants, there is nothing more vivid or romantic than a room filled with plants and flowers.


2. Candles, loads of candles – especially when it gets dark and you light all of them, aah, instant magic.


3. Since we’re taking about candles, add a (bubble) bath too and put some flowers in it – instant booster for your mind and body. This is from last night, my chrysanthemums (can anyone even pronounce this?) were almost death as you can see from the dress picture, so before I threw them in the garbage, I made my bath more pleasurable.sf24

4.Read a book – be it a how to, a romance, a fashion book or anything; it really disconnects you from this world. My current readings are “India” by Mircea Eliade and :..isme Sa intelegem moda”. You know what, read that book while your’re in the bath tube!


5.The bed – yes, as simple as it sounds; sometimes all you need to do is cozy up between pillows and blankets, turn on a movie and just enjoy the fluffiness. It works great after that long bubble bath.


6.More like that 5ish, mix all of the above in that exact same order.signclear


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