Surviving Weekday Monings

The usual struggle, it’s MORNING, one nasty word I like to avoid. I love the feeling of being up before anyone else, but my body hates it, I end up being cranky all day long and always late, as I have the habit of snoozing my alarm until the last minute. So, how to survive Monday morning, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursdays? Fridays are kind of fun. Simple, be the best version of yourself:

                  1.Be polite, there is nothing classier that a women with manners.

2. Use your common sense, please. It’s a slowly dying virtue, yet it doesn’t cost us anything.

3.Be yourself, speak like yourself, act like yourself, walk like yourself. There is nothing more refreshing than a strong individual.

4.Dress at your best. You can’t really feel depressed while on heels and looking like your about to see your worst enemy.

5.Buy a to go coffee and a newspaper on your way to work – it’s such a trivial yet vigorous activity for me, makes me feel all business and important (which I am).

6.Use sarcasm, some might get it wrong, but it’s just so funny and don’t we all need fun in our daily life? (But don’t forget about #1 and #2).



coat & over the knee boots H&M | blazer PIMKIE  via KURTMANN | fringe dress thrifted | earrings Belle Bijou





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