A Touch of Lace

It’s Friday night and there’s probably no one here reading this, as you’re all out partying and living la vida loca, right? Cause I’m home in my jammies, watching documentaries and realized how inexistent my nightlife is. Oh well, at least I’m not the one who’s gonna end up tomorrow looking all puffy, with dark circles, drenched up from all that socializing and laughing. 

I still do fashion though! Got my lace top and super wide trousers and hit the local train station for a retro feel. The super wide trouser is probably not a good idea on a daily basis, I kept tripping in the extra fabric and lived the whole day with the horror of falling on stairs or on the streets. Stop picturing it, it didn’t happen, I actually felt  bossy chic.





lace top VERO MODA via KURTMANN.RO | wrap coat H&M | trousers ANEL | belt vintage thrifted | necklace BERSHKA via KURTMANN.RO | bag STEVE MADDEN




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