The Daily Uniform


The kind of questions that probably, randomly cross your mind (it’s ok, I’m judgy too):

a. Why is she holding that smoothie and notebook like their glued to her hands?

Because they are glued to my hands, they’ve really helped me get through the day.

b. Are her roots greasy?

Why yes, yes they are, thank you for asking. Bad hair days/ don’t have time to wash/ ran out of dry shampoo just happen.

c. Why is she asking questions and also giving the answers?

Because it’s almost midnight and I’ve been up since 6.30 so yeah, I’m delusional.

Ok, your turn, ask! Any stupid thing that crosses that dirty, curious mind, it’s loads of fun! That’s it for today folks, time to hit the sheets. Oh and pleeeasee remind me to never ever let my hair down like that, dude it’s messy and not in a good way.



denim shirt & structured blazer MANGO | scarf and trousers H&M | over the knee boots ZARA | holding a banana, orange and pineapple smoothie and my every day life-saver agenda (what is it with us women and lists?)

photo credit: @Cristian Coposesc



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