There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Why is it that we see beauty in everything, but sometimes fail to see beauty in ourselves? It seems that nowadays, beauty has something to do with artificial, false, fake – we fake beauty instead of embracing it. False lashes, false hair extensions, contouring, false lips, nose, breasts, teeth, no hair (ok, the no hair is kinda cool), every single physical part of us can somehow be altered to match today’s beauty ideal. But who sets these ideals and why aren’t we perfect just the way we are?

Fashion seems shallower than ever, it doesn’t truly express who we are, is more like a disguise, people are afraid to show their true self, but rather show what’s trendy. So where are we headed? What are these younger generations to learn? We have all the means but somehow, we loose the purpose along the way. Why don’t we use fashion and especially beauty to enlighten our lives and contour our personalities, while also remaining conscious. It’s already hard telling who and what we are, but to make that mission harder by hiding your true nature, that is the opposite of beauty.

Why these thoughts today? Because it hit me – sure, the image is important, but the message is king. Don’t look at me like I’m some kind of a nut job trying to look all smarty pants, I’m superficial too, but sometimes, I remember that I am not here to look perfect, wear pretty outfits and take silly pictures, I am here because I have a point of view in both fashion and life, my own point of view and you, for being here with me, have one too. Maybe it’s the hit I took yesterday while snowboarding that’s talking today.

And nooow, I hope you bared throughout the text, cause here comes the pictures part, damn you little artificial loving, crazy about looks thing, admit it, you skipped the text!

sf1sf3sf5sf2sf9sf7sf6sf4lookscoat and over the knee boots MANGO | shirt damn I can’t remember and I’ve cut the label off | necklace ZARA | holding the January issue of ELLE in my hand (the romanian issue that is)




  1. Great post! i’m in the lucky position that clothes and makeup help me to feel like who i truly am/the beauty within ( a xdresser, but a damn petite and cute one! ha) . Also, that coat is my new love. That is all x


  2. No, I did not skip the article! Super inlantuire de randuri, acelasi lucru simt si eu..insa nu am avut suficienta daruire sa pun totul pe “hartie” 😛
    Looking gorgeous as always!


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