We Create Our Own Universe

Yes, I’ve worn the same outfit two days in a row, so what? To my defence, mark that I chose different hairstyles and I only slept 2 hours in between. If Friday night we were waiting for our food at Marty’s Boulevard in Cluj (why, why did I eat so much?!)  and my sister to land, on Saturday I was already back home, strolling and buying flowers with sister. And yes, those nails need some polish, quick.


I always get this feeling when I visit big towns. While living in Timisoara I would have never guessed that I would move back to my hometown, a small but charming place. Where there lacks open mindedness, there is kindness and understanding, plus, I get to be the only one fooling around and invading the streets with my weirdness, trust me, it’s like a  sartorial freak show sometimes. You see, we always think we miss out on things. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and seeing photos of people living their lives in big cities and the capital, doing this and that, I always got this feeling that I was somehow missing out my life, until Friday. Being in Cluj, made me realize that it’s not the city that influences our existence, it’s how we perceives our lives. Most of the time, social medial is misleading and tends to influence us in a way that might not be truly correct. I can eat good food, buy flowers or go to the mall here too, there are traffic jams, art events and even parties here too, not so many, but still. Sure, small cities sometimes lack a few aspects big cities offer, but in those times, you can always drive up to wherever you feel.

It’s how you choose to live your life, rather than where! 


oversized wool coat vintage thrifted | white shirt H&M men section | jeans Stradivarius | bag Emporio Armani | suede zipper booties italian sf5signclear


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