Overdosing on Caffeine and Seventies

Isometimes wonder if I am crazy or just fully passionate about this blogging thing. Here I am at 8.00 am typing random words while sipping my coffee in an attempt to properly wake up.

An hour later (after 2 cups of coffee and half a sandwich): We’re going to Cluj today to pick up my sister from the airport and all I can think of is what am I going to wear. Yep, I must have gone crazy, but hey, aren’t us all cuckoo? Back to my daily not so sartorial stuff, you see I do other stuff than think of clothes. Or coffee.

*Quick note: last night hit me, there are persons reading this blog constantly and I am so grateful for having an audience that follows my daily mumbling, so thank you all! 

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fringe jacket ANEL | jeans ZARA | boots & scarf H&M | turtleneck, bag, belt and glasses thrifted




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