Dots and Thoughts

M-am trezit ieri dimineata cu un chef sa port ciorapii cu buline cu cizme peste genunchi. Prea extrem? Nu si in acele zile glorioase, in care servesti cafeaua din ceasca si nu din cana, in care tronezi ca o aristocrata citind ziarul in loc sa te uiti pe facebook , in acele zile in care ropotul ploii se dueleaza cu razele soarelui. Recunosc, pe parcursul zilei am purtat o pereche de cizme peste genunchi fara toc, insa in acele 20-30 de minute in care am purtat tocuri, timpul se oprise, puteam sa fiu ce vroiam, unde vroiam.

I woke up yesterday morning wanting to wear my dotted stockings with over the knee boots. Extreme? No, not in those glorious days, when you drink your coffee from a cup not a mug, when you throne like an aristocrat reading the newspaper instead of your facebook timeline, in those days when the pouring rain duels with the rays of sun. I confess, during the day I wore flat over the knee boots, but in those 20-30 minutes when I actually wore heels, time had frozen, I could be whoever I wanted, wherever I dreamed.


over the knee boots MANGO | skirt H&M | turtleneck and blazer thrifted



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