One day trip to Sibiu

Luni, 28 decembrie, inainte de Anul Nou, la ora 13.30 parcam masina in centrul Sibiului. Pe la ora 17.30, timpul zburase mult prea repede si trebuia sa plecam spre casa. Am ramas cu sute de poze pe aparat si imaginea feerica a Sibiului de Sarbatori, pe timp de zi, dar mai ales pe timp de noapte.

On Monday, the 28th of December, before New Years Eve, at 13.30 o’clock we were parking the car in the center of Sibiu. At about 17.30, the time had passed way too fast and we had to return home. I was left with hundreds of photos on my camera and the enchanting image of the city on Holidays, by day and especially by night.

pc sf2

Palcurile de oameni si tunelul de lumini te poarta spre Piata, unde te intampina mirosul castanelor prajite si a vinului fiert de la zecile de tarabe insiruite in jurul bradului, caruselul ce se roteste greoi si aah, luminitele, cate luminte. Farmecul orasului deabea de aici incepe, caci stradutele adiacente, desi saracaciose in decoratiuni, ascund comori vechi, cofetarii si cafenele misteriose, bazaruri cu obiecte si carti si cateva boutiquri second hand care inca mai erau deschise, caci se lasasese deja seara. Stradute tot mai inguste, felinare metalice si fel de fel de trecatori, cate un geam deschis pe ici pe colo, pe care se intrezaresc cateva lampi himmeli de cupru si o caldura domolitoare te loveste. Cateva stradute si minute mai tarziu si ne aflam inapoi in Piata, ma dureau deja picioarele de la atata mers si tot ce imi doream era covrigul cald,  in timp ce paseam grabiti si inghetati spre masina.

Clusters of people and the lights tunnel take you to the square, were you are greeted by the smell of fried chestnuts and mulled wine from the dozens of  kiosks aligned around the Christmas tree, the carousel that slowly spinns  and oh, the lights, so many lights. But the city’s true charm only begins now, because the side streets, although poorly decorated, carry hidden, old treasures, mysterious coffee places and sweet shops, deco and books bazaars and a few thrift shops that I found opened, as the it was getting late. Narrow streets, old, metal lanterns, all sorts of passers and an opened window here and there where you could peek copper himmeli lamps hanging from the ceiling and then the heat strikes you. A few blocks and minutes later and we were back in the square, mt feet hurt from walking so much and all we wished for was a hot pretzel to warm our hands as we rushed to the car.


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  1. Abia asteptam pozele astea ❤ <3. Imi place tot ce vad, de la peisaj si pana la tinuta . Sibiul e orasul meu de suflet, am zis ca ar fi singurul in care m-as muta din Bucuresti. 😀 Unde ai gasit chestia aia pufoasa si huge?



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