Informal toughts


E marti, suna prea mult telefoanele si am impresia ca e luni. Sunt la pensiune, inconjurata de foi, post it-uri, pixuri si facturi. Am deschis usa caci este atat de cald azi, e genul acela de zi in care poti sa porti lejer perechea de otk boots pe piciorul gol. Mi-e cald cu puloverul asta gros pe mine, dar iar am plecat pe fuga din casa azi dimineata si nu m-am imbracat cum as fi vrut..

It’s Tuesday, the phones are ringing too much and it feels like a Monday. I’m at the hotel, surrounded by blank sheets, post it notes, pens and paperwork. I opened the door at the entrace, it’s such a warm day! So warm you can wear your boots on a bare leg. I’m hot in this thick sweater, but I left in a hurry this morning and once again, I didn’t dress the way I truely wanted..



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