Colder days

Pentru ca zilele ploioase si extrem de friguroase imi taie orice tentativa de tinuta fashion, pentru ca tocurile ma incetinesc in zilele aglomerate, tin aproape cateva piese basic, de back-up, care ma scot rapid din dilema si din casa! Consider ca ori cat de grabit sau stresat ai pleca din casa, un accesoriu, o piesa, un detaliu care sa te reprezinte trebuie integrat in tinuta. In cazul meu, adidasii si blugii negri au fost completati de super capa gasita la Kurtmann si geanta plic, monocroma, cu franjuri.

Because rainy, cold weather cancels any attempt of chic, fashionable outfits, because high heels slow me down on busy days, I keep close some back up items, that get me out of the dilemma and the house quickly! I believe that no matter how rushed or stressed you are, you ought to pick an item, accessory or any detail that speaks you when leaving the house. In my case, the sneakers and black jeans were completed by my awesome Kurtmann cape and a monochrome, fringe bag.


Capa este alternativa perfecta a paltonului clasic, un soi de geaca hibrid care poate fi purtat intr-o multitudine de feluri. Daca data trecuta va aratam capa intr-o tinuta chic, feminina, de data aceasta am purtat-o intr-un stil casual, chiar sport si rezultatul este la fel de frumos. 

#quicktip: stiu ca sunteti in cautare de geci, paltoane, cape, trenchuri, asa ca va recomand sa alegeti culoarea kaki, una dintre culorile vedeta  sezonul acesta

The cape is the perfect alternative for the classic coat, some sort of hybrid jacket, that can be worn in so many ways. If last time I showed you the cape in a chic outfit, this time I wore it in a casual, quite sporty manner and the result is as beautiful as the feminine look.

#quicktip: I know you’re searching for jackets, coats, capes or trenches, so I kindly advise you to pick the kaki color, it’s one of the most IN shade for this season



cape BERSHKA via KURTMANN | skinny black jeans STRADIVARIUS | tennis sweater H&M | nike air force 1 via BODO SPORT



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