On holiday

Nimic nu se compara cu ziua premergatoare concediului, de la entuziasm la disperare este doar un pas asa ca organizarea e la ordinea zilei! Partea buna este ca deja am trecut de stresul bagajelor (un bagaj de mana pentru o saptamana intreaga), planificarii orelor de plecare si chiar si a uitatul lucrurilor acasa, caci deja suntem in drum spre Budapesta si nimic cu mai conteaza, doar pasaportul care il tin in mana si faptul ca o saptamana, vom fi in vacanta.

Nothing compares with the day before your Summer vacation, there is one small step from ecstasy to despair so strict organization is mandatory! The good part is that I already surpassed the packing stress (trust me, packing one handbag for a week is stressfull), the itinerary and planning and even the forgotten items part, cause we’re already on our way to Budapest and all that matters is the passport I’m holding in my hand and the fact that we’re on holiday for a full week.

Ziua de duminica nu mi-am petrecut-o doar printre stres si bagaje, o incursiune de dupamasa in gradina a picat la fix pentru a intra in mood-ul de concediu. Oficial, suntem in vacanta! Nu stiu cat de des voi reusi sa postez, insa cu siguranta va voi tine la curent cu toata aventura pe Facebook si Instagram!

I didn’t spend all Sunday surrounded by luggage or stress, an afternoon incursion in the garden was the perfect way to set the mood for this week. We’re officially on holiday! I don’t know how often I’ll get to post but I’ll surely keep you posted with the adventure on Facebook and Instagram. 


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