Safari chic


Nu am mai postat de cateva zile bune si in sfarsit am prins ocazia sa imi trag putin sufletul si sa va scriu cateva randuri. Ma aflu in Timisoara de doua zile, tocmai am sosit de la Gala de Moda UVT si desi ar trebui sa imi pregatesc bagajul pentru maine dimineata, prefer sa beau un ceai de menta inainte si sa postez pozele de acum cateva zile, cand am purtat o tinuta safari-chic cu item-ul meu favorit de vara aceasta – palaria fedora din paie. Am sa va las cu pozele, trebuie sa imi setez alarma la 5 dimineata si sa impachetez urgent!

I haven’t posted on blog for a few days now and I finally got the chance to catch my breath and write a few words. I am in Timisoara right now, I just arrived from the UVT Fashion Gala and although I should pack for tomorrow, I’d rather drink a mint tee first and post you the pictures we took a few days ago, when I wore a safari chic outfit with my Summer favourite items – the straw fedora hat. I’ll leave you with the pictures, gotta set the alarm for 5 am and I need to pack urgently!



embroidered white blouse Orsay | short jacket Bershka | silky shorts Nifty by Josephine | fringe bag Anileda Alrac | hat & necklaces H&M | ring Bon Bijou





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