Items of the week


Dragele si dragii mei (sper ca avem si dragi pe aici), stiu ca am rarit putin postarile insa a venit vara, lucram mai mult si ne distram mai tare! Am doua postari de vara pregatite pentru voi, pe care ma gandeam sa le public astazi, avand in vedere ca maine este ziua mea si probabil nu ma voi apropia prea mult de laptop!

My dear ones, I know I rarefied the posts a bit, but Summer got us all working and having fun and it’s quite time consuming! I have two summery posts waiting to be published and I thought I would publish both today, considering tomorrow is my birthday and I probably won’t get near the laptop!


sf1Am facut putin (cam mult) shopping saptamana trecuta, am avut si o nunta, dar in general am muncit mult si ador momentul acela cand ajung seara acasa, ma arunc pe canapea cu o bere rece si ma apuc sa va scriu! Imi comandasem cateva piese online de la H&M si desi auzisem multe experiente neplacute cu ei, comanda mea a mers ca pe roate si absolut tot ce am adaugat in cos mi-a ajuns cu bine si pe masura potrivita.

Last week I did a bit (more) of shopping, we also had a wedding to attend, but generally speaking we worked a lot and I just love that feeling when I get home at the end of the day and pop a cold beer while writing to you guys. I had ordered online a few H&M items and although I’ve heard all kinds of unpleasant experiences with their newly opened online shop, my order went smoothly and all the items I added to my basket came in the right size.


1. Zara oversized orange shades

2. Zara metallic flat sandals

3. Bershka bug earrings

4. gemetric armlet

5. Essence highlighter

6. Aura bronze blush



1. L’aura flowercrown

2. headphones

3. H&M leo print sneakers

4. metallic bag

5. a cold beer




  1. Hmm, berea, geanta metalica, tenesi/sandale si ochelarii de soare ❤ ce altceva sa mai cer? Poate mai mult timp liber.
    La muuulti ani ptr maine si distractie placuta! Cea mai buna decizie e sa stai departe de laptop. Pupici!


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