La vie est belle

style is fresh

Mi se intampla deseori sa fiu intrebata:

ei:  – Unde mergi imbracata asa? Ai shooting azi?

eu:  – Nu, asa ma imbrac eu de obicei!…

…deoarece moda este o parte esentiala din existenta mea de zi cu zi, deoarece tinutele ma reprezinta si spun totul despre mine, in special desprea starea mea de spirit si mood-ul zilei. Asa ca nu, eu nu ma imbrac frumos doar cand merg undeva sau am shooting, eu ma imbrac frumos pentru a-mi innobila ziua, pentru a-mi sustine dialogul, ma imbrac frumos ca stil de viata, ca mod de a fi, si pana la urma, cui nu ii place sa traiasca frumos? A trai frumos este o forma de politete pana la urma, este o dovada a educatiei, a culturii si a principiilor morale, ce-i drept, s-a cam pierdut aspectul acesta in prezent, asa ca pana la un anumit punct, inteleg mirarea. Dar viata este frumoasa si scurta, ar fi pacat sa ne pierdem in marea de tinute anoste si oameni care nu dau doi bani pe aspectul lor. 

Asa ca fa-ti o promisiune, maine, orice treaba ai avea, oriunde ai avea de mers imbraca-te frumos!

Eu m-am imbracat frumos si am pornit cu Andreas spre Deva sa mai schimbam putin backround-ul. M-am oprit la DM pentru a-mi cumpara cateva produse de make-up si am plecat spre centru pentru a savura un fresh si a ne plimba pe pietonala. Ziua am incheiat-o la parintii lui acasa, in gradina, pe balansoar, cu o cana de cafea slaba intr-o mana si Harper’s Bazaar in cealalta. Ah, daca as avea mai des zile libere..

It happens so often for people to ask me:

they: -Where are you going dressed like that? Do you have a shooting today?

me: – No, that’s just the way I dress!…

…because fashion is an essential part of my daily existance, because the outfits I wear stand for who I am and tell everything about me, especially my state of mind and the mood of the day. So no, I don’t dress up just to go somewhere or for a shooting, I dress nice to enrich my day, to advocate my dialog, I dress beautiful as a well of being, as a lifestyle and afterall, who doesn’t like to live in a beautiful manner? Living beautifully, is a form of politeness in the end, it’s a proof of your education, culture and moral values, though it’s true that this is kind of a lost aspect nowadays, so to a certain point, I get all the questions. But life is beautiful and short, it would be a shame to loose ourselves in the sea of plain outfits and people who don’t give a dime on how they look.

So make a promise, tomorow, wherever you have to go, whatever you have to do, dress nice!

I dressed nice and left for Deva with Andreas to change the backround a bit. I stopped at DM to shop some make up products and headed to downtown to enjoy a fresh and a walk on the pedestrian street. I ended my day in his parent’s garden, on the swing, with a cup of coffee in one hand and Harper’s Bazaar in the other. Ah, if only I had more free days like this..

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neoprene crop top Nifty by Josephine | smart trousers Zara via Kurtmann | suede, fringe bag Anileda Alrac | sandals H&M




  1. Ai foarte dreptate, trebuie sa fim mereu atenti la modul in care ne imbracam, nu doar in anumite momente ale zilei/saptamanii.

    Imi place foarte mult atat textul, cat si tinuta. In plus, aceasta coafura iti vine de minune!

    Esti o adevarata sursa de inspiratie!★

    Liked by 1 person

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