Mix & match

[RO] Mmm ce imi place cum arata sabotii astia cu ciorapi peste genunchi, este cam lunga rochia si nu se observa ca purtam ciorapi peste genunchi si nu ceva ‘granny strampi’ dubiosi. Caut de ceva timp niste saboti faini, nu stiu ce se intampla, sunt pe care de disparitie sau ceva ca nu gasesc nicaieri, dar intre timp ma consolez cu platformele astea luate recent, schimbate recent via mercador. Vorbind de cautat, tine-ti minte ca ziceam la un moment dat ca mi-am pierdut palaria preferata, este ca si cu sabotii, nu gasesc pe nicaieri prin magazine o palarie faina cu boruri mari. Chiar azi ma gandeam ca ar trebui sa imi reiau putin activitatea pe ebay, gasesti cam orice vrei acolo, bani sa fie.

[EN] Loving these mules with over the knee socks, the dress is sort of longish so you can’t see that I’m wearing over the knee socks and not some strange granny hosiery. I’ve been looking for a while now for some kick ass mules, I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t find any, they’re going extinct or something. Meanwhile I found these platform black ones, they’re not all that great but still, they look kinda cool and they were basically free. Speaking of findings, remember I told you at some point that I’d lost my favourite hat, it’s like with the mules, can’t find any felt hats in stores here, guess I have to turn to the old online shopping.

boho street style is freshboho street style is freshboho street style is freshboho street style is freshboho street style is freshboho street style is fresh


boho accesories

dress Miss Sixty via second hand/ jacket Tally Weijl/ bag & hosiery H&M/



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